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The main material in our windows is uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of vinyl made from petroleum and ordinary salt.

Rigid uPVC is an ideal material for window fabrication because it offers several characteristics that neither wood, aluminum or other materials can offer:

• thermally efficient, high resistance to heat loss or gain*
• resistant to condensation*
• good acoustic insulation property*
• virtually maintenance free, does not require painting
• easy to clean
• uPVC is solid colour not surface coloured, scratches do not impair its appearance
• non-conductive material (fire or electricity)
• contains some natural self-lubricating properties that help prevent moving parts from sticking
• no warping or twisting because of humidity
• resists rot, rust, corrosion, blistering and peeling
• excellent resistance to aging (durability)
• resistance to pollution such as acid rain, salted air and insects
• shock and stain resistant
• structurally rigid and stable. Many uPVC window designs have superior wind load rating
• suitable for allergy treatment facilities
• recyclable
• cost effective
• aesthetically pleasing. Wide choice of styles and sizes for residential and commercial application
• successful track record for over 40 years

* The characteristics listed above apply to the PVC parts only and not to the complete window for which glazing, building construction and conditions prevailing inside the building have to be considered.

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